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A wedding proposal on the top of Mauna Kea and everything was perfect...except for the ring size. Surprise engagements are exciting(especially on this sacred mountain), even if the ring does not fit, but what do you do after they say yes to size it and get it on the right finger? Titanium is in a class all by itself as far as rings go and it cannot be cut and sized like gold or silver, so although we can sometimes make the ring slightly bigger, most of the time the ring needs to be remade. In fact, "What if my ring doesn't fit?" is the most common question I get at Hawaii Titanium Rings!

Clients are relieved and grateful to find out we offer a lifetime sizing guarantee and will re-size their ring anytime for a small fee. Most companies do not offer such generous guarantees, but we understand people must guess a size to surprise and even if they get it right, people sometimes change in size. We send our guarantee in writing with each ring but, I think people are so excited to put the ring on that they toss the paperwork. I get a kick out of how many people are shocked to hear we offer a simple sizing solution.

Contact us anytime you need assistance or have a concern about your ring and if your ring is in need of refinishing, stay tuned for the next Hawaii Titanium Rings Blog.