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Hawaii Titanium Rings recently did a small study on wedding dates using our sales records and the results were interesting. June was the expected winner as far as save the dates go with July and August being the runners-up.

The surprise was that Fall Weddings are becoming just as popular. September and October were the months that had the biggest numbers after summer, even more than April and May. The real shocker was that February was the month with the least weddings! We thought  Valentines Day would be the winner as it is our busiest time, but now we realize this is actually proposal time.

Another amazing discovery was that  winter weddings almost equaled Spring weddings, and the anniversaries in November and December exceeded all of January, February, and March put together. April and May beat the winter months but not by much.

We note our client's anniversary dates if it was recorded on their order and try to send a note of appreciation around that month to thank them for letting us be a part of their special time. If you want an anniversary reminder, let us know, we are happy to put you on our Anniversary List and send you a note the month before. Mahalo!