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Tradition tells us wood is the five-year anniversary gift, but finding a romantic wood symbol to present to your mate can be tricky. Wood rings are the perfect solution for a man or woman! Our matching rings are made with consecutive cuts of wood for couples to feel added connection~that's romance!

Wood was chosen as the 5-year gift because at this point in a marriage a couple has formed a strong bond and wood represents strength and stability. Koa is the common choice in Hawaii but we encourage clients to choose a wood that has deep meaning to them. We have woods from all over the world so they can choose a wood from their present region or a wood from a place rich with family history.

One man sent us wood from a tree his son and new wife swung from as kids growing up as neighbors; a truly special anniversary gift for his son and the girl next door. The wood can be from where you met or where you were born, it just has to be at least two years dry.

Other reasons for wood rings...Recently build your first house? Send us a left-over piece of wood to inlay and celebrate this big moment with more than just a toast! A ring set we will never forget was made for a couple who lost their house in a tornado. We were honored to preserve the wood from their destroyed house in rings to keep its memory still standing.

What wood represents you? Each tree has its own personality and story to tell just like humans. If you don't have a favorite tree, now is the time to establish a relationship with these forest giants just as you would a birthstone or astrological sign. After all, trees have been around as long as the rest if not longer, making them the perfect symbol of a happy, long-lasting marriage.