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5 Unique Titanium Ring Designs

Aloha, ring lover! Titanium is becoming an increasingly popular metal for making rings – it's lightweight, more scratch resistant, and overwhelmingly durable compared to platinum or gold. And while nothing shows your love like a ring as unique as the bond it represents, it can be hard to find the perfect titanium ring. Whether you are casually shopping for a custom titanium ring or know precisely what you want, Hawaii Titanium Rings has many suggestions to help you. Keep reading for our recommendations on what will make you and your new titanium ring stand out from the crowd.

What to Look for in a Unique Titanium Ring

If you're looking for a wedding ring, engagement ring, or just an everyday sturdy piece of jewelry for yourself, nothing showcases your personality like a durable titanium ring. Unlike other metals, there are numerous ways you can personalize both women's and men's titanium rings to make your jewelry stand out from the rest. At Hawaii Titanium Rings, we have a variety of rings and other jewels to help you decide on the perfect design for you. We take pride in our handmade, made-in-the-USA jewelry. We encourage our customers to experiment with unusual stones and wood inlays or make a one-of-a-kind custom titanium ring masterpiece. Whether you want to add various textures, stones, colors, or a precious metal inlay, we can help you realize your vision. To help you with your jewelry buying, here are the top five unique titanium ring designs we recommend so you can create a unique titanium ring as unique as you.

Wood Inlay Titanium Rings

If you're looking for something unique that you cannot get with other precious metals, you might be interested in a wood inlay ring. These woodsy and Earth-driven styles are exclusive to Titanium metal because of the way they adhere to the metal. It might be a perfect Ray for someone with an outdoor background or who likes to work with their hands. One of our top sellers in this category is the Koa Wood Ring. Koa wood, sourced in Hawaii, is available in many colors and numerous types of grain, and here at Hawaii Titanium Rings, we can help you find the exact kind of inlaid Koa Wood that represents your personality and lifestyle. Koa Wood tends to fit well with those who golf, camp, or do woodwork outdoors, as it's an easy and low-maintenance jewelry material. We want you to live with a ring you'll love wearing every day.

Hammered Titanium Rings

Try a hammered titanium ring for something just slightly left of a classic. These strong, durable classic rings have a little more edge to them with hand-hammered details that show the light on the sides. Since there are no gemstones, natural stones, or inlaid wood, you can get a hammered ring for a very reasonable price. Some of our top sellers go for $150.

Turquoise Titanium Rings

If your beloved loves colors of the sky and sea, they might prefer a room inlay with turquoise for blue topaz. Turquoise is a durable stone that can be inlaid into a titanium ring for excellent durability. One of our favorite rings at Hawaiian Titanium Rings in this category is the Turquoise Diamond Titanium Ring. This unique Blue Turquoise Diamond Ring is perfect for a wedding band or titanium engagement ring. It is handmade in Hawaii and can be worn by both men and women. Featuring exclusive Sleeping Beauty turquoise, this ring's elements come from exclusive Arizona mines where the most precious pristine turquoise can be found. The turquoise band gives a beautiful blue color to this ring, while the diamond accent makes it something extraordinary. Perfect for a birthday gift (Turquoise is the birthstone for December) or as a wedding band or gift for your special someone. You will not find anyone with a titanium ring like this.

Scenic Inlay Titanium Rings

If you're looking for something unique, check out a ring with multiple inlaid stones to create the scene. Our ocean selection has numerous things to choose from, but we'd like to focus on the Volcano Island Ring. This unique handmade ring has inlays in 7 natural elements: Fire Koa, Black Jet, Red Lab Opal, Black Australian Opal, White Pearl, Opal Cabochon, and sterling silver. You can also make a custom titanium ring with scenes and stones specific to you!

Diamond Titanium Rings

For a titanium wedding ring that represents the partnership you're committed to, check out a diamond titanium ring. We recommend you check out our Green Opal and Diamond Titanium Ring at Hawaii Titanium Rings or our Diamond and Pink Sugilite Titanium Ring. Gold and platinum are too soft to support inlays of stone like this, so a titanium base means you can rock your favorite colors with a diamond accent in the middle. Such a creative twist on a marriage classic!

Your Titanium Ring Experts

At Hawaii Titanium Rings, we invite our customers to experiment and create unique bespoke titanium masterpieces that fit their lifestyles. Whether you want to add a pop of color or keep things strictly titanium, we are here to bring your vision to life. Using stone embellishments, textures, or precious metal inlays, we pride ourselves on our unique and creative custom titanium rings.

You will also find a large selection of pre-made titanium rings at Hawaii Titanium Rings with various gemstones, inlays, markings, and finishes. Our experienced consultants and jewelry experts are always here to help you with this important purchase. If you have any questions about choosing the perfect titanium ring or would like help customizing a titanium wedding ring, check out all our unique designs at HawaiiTitaniumRings.com or contact us at 808-327-4647.

Written by Fredy Sanchez