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How to Care for Titanium Rings

Aloha! If you're looking for how to care for your new titanium rings or where to find quality, handmade, made-in-America jewelry, our jewelry experts at Hawaii Titanium Rings are here for you. Titanium is becoming an increasingly popular metal for making rings. This lightweight metal is more scratch-resistant and durable than traditional platinum, silver, and gold jewelry. Additionally, titanium rings are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for sensitive skin. As a bonus, titanium rings are very affordable and can also be used as part of a gold wedding band or sterling silver jewelry. You may want to know how to clean your titanium jewelry, so please read these care and cleaning instructions. Fortunately, titanium rings can be easily cleaned to keep them looking their best – no polishers, potions, or special machines are required. Read on for all our titanium ring cleaning tips and general titanium polishing tips below.

How to Clean a Titanium Ring

Regarding wedding rings, titanium is one of the most robust and durable metals. It's an excellent material for active people but requires just a wee bit of maintenance. Your activity level and wearing habits will determine when and how often your ring needs to be cleaned or polished (gym rats, get that weekly solution ready!). The ring's finish, color, and inlay will determine the method used.

We have great news for you here at Hawaii Titanium Rings, though. You don't need anything special to clean your titanium wedding ring. In fact, you probably already have the essentials around your house. You probably already have the usual household cleaners you need to clean your titanium wedding rings. Here's what you need: a small bowl filled with warm water, a microfiber cloth, some mild dish soap (such as Dawn or Mrs. Meyers), and/or some ammonia glass cleaner (such as Glass Plus). You'll remove the dirt and grease buildup with the liquid dish soap and restore shine with the ammonia glass cleaner.

To wash a regular non-anodized titanium ring, pour hot water and a mild soap or cleaning solution directly into a small bowl. Keep the bowl far enough away from the drain or sink to avoid bumping the bowl and losing the jewelry. Place your favorite ring in a bowl and let the jewelry soak for at least five minutes. After 5 minutes, gently scrub with a non-abrasive washcloth or gentle children's toothbrush. If you want to bring back the shine and sparkle, you can use an ammonia-based glass cleaner like Windex. After removing dust and oil with soapy water, rinse the tires and spray with glass cleaner. Wipe the ring with a soft washcloth, rinse with a soft, lint-free cloth, and dry. Dry your titanium wedding ring with a soft towel or lint-free cloth and place it on a flat floor for a few minutes. Do not let your solid titanium ring air dry. Otherwise, you risk leaving watermarks or losing your hard-earned shiny finish. The ring is now perfectly clean and ready to wear.

Titanium Polishing

You could also polish your titanium jewelry if you're looking for a minimal cleanup. To polish your titanium wedding ring, you can use a jewelry polishing cloth (these can be purchased at most big box retailers and jewelry stores). You can also use a cream metal polish to remove minor scratches. After polishing:

  1. Wash off any residue with a mild soap.
  2. For satin or brushed titanium wedding rings, use a thin piece of nylon (available at most car care stores) to restore the shine of the coating.
  3. Avoid rubbing the surface of the anodized titanium wedding ring, as this will probably discolor it.

Cleaning a Titanium Ring with Stone Inlay or Wood Inlays

If you want to know how to clean a titanium wood ring or one with stone, gem, and mineral inlays, we have some more tips for you. If your titanium ring has stone or wood inlays, you'll need to be very careful when cleaning. You don't want to expose a titanium ring with wood inlays to water for too long. You should moisten a cloth to wipe the titanium clean and use a dry cloth to clean the ring. For rings inlaid with precious stones such as turquoise or mother of pearl, you can always use soap and water, but you must be very gentle when cleaning the inlay. Avoid chlorine-containing cleaners for any wood or stone inlay rings so that you don't change the color or texture of these porous materials.

For gemstones, you want to follow the best care practices for your particular stones. For example, peridot-encrusted titanium rings can often be cleaned with soap and water. On the other hand, you will want to be extremely careful with soft stones like our Bye Bye Blue Sky Turquoise Ring. Many of the colored titanium rings achieve their color by going through a process called anodization. These types of rings, like our Yellow Anodized Titanium Ring, should be treated differently than standard titanium rings when cleaning. You can soak these rings in soapy water, but be careful not to rub or rub them vigorously. Vigorous rubbing can cause discoloration, so make sure to avoid abrasive cleaners. After removing any signs of discoloration or staining, soak the ring in glass cleaner and rinse with warm water. Then let the piece of jewelry dry naturally. You'll soon see how sparkly and shiny your titanium ring looks!

Your Titanium Ring Experts

At Hawaii Titanium Rings, you will find a large selection of titanium rings with various gemstones, inlays, markings, and finishes. Our experienced consultants and jewelry experts are ready to help. If you have any questions about caring for your titanium ring or would like help finding the perfect titanium wedding ring for you, please contact us at 808-327-4647.

Written by Fredy Sanchez