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The only complaint I get from our clients is that we have too many ring design choices. It is true, after 20 years of custom designing, we have hundreds of styles and our plethora of combinations can be very overwhelming. Choosing or creating your ring really is the funnest part of this whole process so here are some tips that I hope will be helpful.

First, decide what width you want your ring to be, I know it sounds like a strange place to start but this can narrow things down quite a bit for you as each design has a minimum and maximum width choice. The best way to know what width is best for you, is to determine how much space is between your knuckle and where your finger bends, if this area is less than an inch, a thin band is probably going to look best and be the most comfortable.

Next, narrow down your search with our website's search engine, you can type in what is most important to you whether it be a stone, wood, color, or  passion. Choose by birthstone, or favorite tree, we have ring styles related to everything from ocean designs to sports teams and company logos.