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Hands On-Rings on Hands


Many ask us what our rings look like "on hand" partly because of their unique design, but mostly because it is hard to buy such a personal item online. So I started requesting "hand shots" from our clients, which led to a wonderful and meaningful collection that the Ohana at Hawaii Titanium Rings have come to cherish. The stories that came with the pictures had no words but told as much as any book. We hope you enjoy this beautiful record of the extensive planning, hard work, and true Aloha that goes into each Hawaii Titanium Ring.

Written by Shana Stuart

Titanium Ring Care


As tough as Hawaii Titanium Rings are, and as ironic as it may sound, the Beauty Salon seems to be the most dangerous place for our rings. Ladies and Gentlemen who get their nails done, beware! The resin covering your wood and stone inlay is resistant to most elements, but not paint thinners or solvents, including nail polish remover. Artists too, don't forget to remove your rings before cleaning your brushes. Even more ironic is that hospitals seem to be the next most dangerous place for our rings. Nurses have a problem with the surgical soap they frequently use called C-Stat; it seems to eat through our resin which makes me worry about their skin.


To clean your ring, soak it in mild glass cleaner for a few minutes, rinse, and air-dry. Do not rub with a regular cloth, glass or jewelry polish cloth only.


Hawaii Titanium Rings has a great lifetime refinishing guarantee for any circumstances your hands may endure; even the lucky man who survived a motorcycle accident and sent us his ring in three pieces. He lost his pinky finger but only broke his ring finger and the emergency crew had to cut his wedding ring off. The good news is technology has brought us the hydraulic cutter which makes a clean snip; the days of the circular saw were scary. In case you are wondering, all the kings horses and all the kings men could not put his ring back together again, but we counted it as an exchange and made him a new ring. After all a ring in three pieces qualifies for both the refinishing and sizing guarantee.


Written by Shana Stuart

Koa - The Hawaiian Tree and Its Amazing Wood - Part One

Hawaiian Koa tree with a large top in a misty mountain

My respect for the Koa tree has grown 100-fold in my research of this ancient symbol of strength and wisdom and its prized wood. The rich history surrounding Koa made me want to study the origin of every tree on the planet, but something told me none would compare to this mighty breed. Sprouting from what must have been lava; one Koa seed quickly canopied the Hawaiian Islands and became a lifeline not only for the ecosystem but for its not-yet-present human inhabitants. 

A true unsolvable mystery how the first Koa seed arrived to the islands and the fact is it grows nowhere else naturally. Was it a floating gift from Mother Ocean? A stow-away in a storm-carried bird? No one will ever know for sure. What is known is that the Koa tree would provide added prosperity and sophistication to the culture and of its native settlers.

The trees began their journey by cultivating fertile soil for farming with strong aerating root systems and nitrogen-rich leaf compost. The Koa's umbrella-like awnings manipulated the climate, creating micro environments and sanctuaries for shade species at many elevations. Dry lava deserts were transformed into lush tropical forests and by the time bipeds set foot on Hawaii's shore, the landscape was alive with a habitat of flourishing plant life, birds, and insects along with visiting turtles and seals.

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Did you know we offer a rich collection of Koa and Hawaiian wood rings? Click here to see them.

Written by Shana Stuart

How to Clean Your Titanium Ring

How to Clean Your Titanium Ring

The good news about owning a titanium ring is there will be few instances where your ring will require cleaning. Titanium is resistant to corrosion and does not tarnish, it will however, after time, take on a brushed or unpolished look especially if you are hard on your hands. Metal polish and a soft cloth will shine it up a bit, but the best way to bring the luster back is to take it to its maker. Titanium is a hard metal to work; it takes major machinery and our guys put their blood, sweat, and tears into shaping, finishing, and polishing your ring. We offer a lifetime "refinishing" guarantee and have the equipment, techniques, and experience to make your ring look like new in a matter of minutes.
Adhesive has been the only cleaning challenge I have encountered in my years of helping clients care for their rings. For this sticky situation we recommended a lubricant like WD-40 to remove the glue. The ring that came to us covered in crazy glue was a different story and required more time and effort not only in the refinishing but I suspect removing it from the clients finger as well.
Regarding people who are extra hard on their hands, more time may be required for special circumstances. For instance, we have received the same gentleman's ring twice now covered in concrete; seems he is a rock-wall-builder, a common profession here in Hawaii, but he was amazed both times when we returned it looking new. Hawaii Titanium Rings also offers personal service and a lifetime sizing guarantee; it is in our best interest to keep your ring looking nice and on your finger...without the crazy glue.


Written by Shana Stuart