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Labradorite- Metallic Meets Mystical

Labradorite is a smoky gray mineral gemstone reflecting flashes of rainbow colored hues and a brilliant metallic iridescence. So unique in character, it initiated the name Labradorescence, now referring to any gem with inner fissures that reflect the light back and forth and create color. It was named after the town where it was first found by missionaries on the Peninsula of Labrador in East Canada, and since has been discovered worldwide.

The power surrounding Labradorite reaches the wearer on a mental, physical, and subconscious level. Healing properties include detoxing the body especially respiratory health and hormonal balance. Brain function is said to improve disorders caused by injury or birth defects. Internally, it aids in digestion and metabolism, and even gout. Labradorite holds a lovely energy that eases the mind, body, and soul relieving stress inside and out.

Men and women levitate towards this stone for its masculine and feminine qualities. The dark color is a perfect muted hue for men to avoid the flashy appearance of jewelry and women are drawn to the intense transformation and variety of hidden colors that come alive with every turn. Labradorite appeals to all genders and demographics for its Earthly characteristics that resemble something from another world.

The dull appearance of this unique rock and its ability to reveal color with each beam of light resembles the myths and lore surrounding its power, as it is believed to help us see through the darkest times to the enlightenment and beauty each life experience brings. An awakening stone, Labradorite is said to lead you to your full potential by helping you recognize all possibilities.

Considered a Stone of Magic with mystical light that Shamans and Healers believe divides the conscious world from alternative dimensions. Labradorite protects us during travel from danger and misfortune in other realms as well as this existence.  It possesses powers that cross supernatural boundaries helping us peek into the past and future and communicate with the spiritual universe.

The popularity of this incomparable gemstone grows as people recognize its charm which has been overlooked greatly by the jewelry market. Its distinct beauty and diversity of style is appropriate for the casual and formal shopper because the gem can be worn with blue jeans or to a black-tie event. Choosing Labradorite for your inlay pays off for both men and women aesthetically, physically, and metaphysically, not only in this world, but in others unseen.

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Written by Shana Stuart

The Power of Black Pearls

Pearls are gemstones that have long been known to hold powers. There are a variety of colored pearls including white, black, gold, pink and freshwater. Black Pearls are black because they come from black-lipped and other oysters which secrete black nacre. In this article we will discuss black pearls in particular as a power stone.

Pearls come from a water environment and this contributes to their metaphysical properties. Water is known as a purifier. So the thought becomes, when you wear pearls are you purified? Many would agree that you are. The Hindu culture has recorded that Krishna found the first pearl and gave it to his daughter on her wedding day as a symbol of love and purity.

Black Pearls are the rarest color of the pearls and the higher the luster of a pearl, the more valuable it becomes. In mythology they are associated with wealth and prosperity and are said to bring good luck and abundance. It is believed that Black Pearls can protect a work site from accidents, and help a business prosper.

When a woman wears pearls she gains a sense of confidence and an extra spring in her step when going to work or just on a shopping trip around town. This may be attributed to the belief that Black Pearls also have healing powers. Wearing pearls is said to calm your temperament and demeanor, and to see life’s obstacles with an optimistic point of view. All Pearls are said to be in tune with women, especially pregnant women. If a woman is incredibly emotional or negative, while wearing pearls the negative energy is absorbed into the pearl.

Medicinally, it can relieve digestive problems, hormonal issues, relieve migraine headaches, exhaustion, and can even help lessen allergies. Drinking pearl water is said to balance hormone levels and simply wearing a pearl necklace can cure an aching head. Pearls are considered a powerful treatment for allergies as well as the common cold, bronchitis, and other respiratory infections.

You can use black pearls in combination with other gemstones or diamonds to amplify and purify their healing properties. Pearls used in combination with emeralds will draw out the negative energy. Their mystical powers can help the wearer overcome difficult problems in their lives. If you are looking to be protected from negative energy, or you have a goal that you are trying to reach, or an ailment you are trying to overcome black pearls can make all the difference in the world for you.

Written by Shana Stuart

The Different Colors of Gold

When most people think about gold and the different colors that they can choose from it comes down to two. Yellow and White. Gold is a popular choice for men’s and women’s jewelry and most popular as wedding or engagement bands, earrings and necklaces. We are happy to tell those who didn't already know, that there is more out there than just two options.

Colored gold is becoming more popular and it is something that can be produced for you. Colored gold can be classified into three groups:

• Alloys with silver and copper that can produce white, yellow, green, grey, rose and red gold’s.
• Inter metallic compounds that can produce blue, purple, and some other colors as well.
• Surface treatments that include oxide layers and will produce black and blue gold colors.

The downfall is that if you are looking for 100% 24 karat gold to wear, colored gold is not that. It can vary between 18 karat, 14 karat and 9 karat. On the plus side jewelry can be made with multiple colors of gold. They can range from two-tone, three-tone, or multi-colored.

Another possibility is Mokumegane, an ancient Japanese technique of fusing together colored gold, originally used to decorate a Samurai’s sword, now used for decorative jewelry and luxury items. The word Mokumegane means “wood grain metal” and it was developed to look as such. The swirling patterns and colors are formed by twisting and forging different colored layers of heated gold producing mesmerizing works of art.

Yellow gold has been popular in jewelry for centuries and will always have a classy appeal to it. As the times change and people want to become more contemporary the colors that are seen as you walk through the office or through the mall are ever changing. When choosing the next piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one, think to yourself if you want to keep it classic with yellow gold or go for a more modern touch by adding a few colors to accentuate your wardrobe.

Written by Shana Stuart

Wood - The New Gemstone

Stacked Titanium rings with wood inlays - Hemlock from Oregon, Palm, Walnut, Pau Amarelo, Jarrah, Maple, Black Ebony, Amboina, Mac Nut

Wood is the new gemstone as designers are discovering the colorful, lustrous qualities it adds to their jewelry creations. Elegant and natural, wood offers complementary earthy tones for both men and women who are choosing wood over diamonds for their wedding band inlay. Each piece of wood is different like fingerprints of the forest making every ring, earring, or pendant an original. The grain pattern tells a story from the tree’s timeline, which could include hundreds of years and wood has the brilliance and color to compete with the world’s most precious gems.

The chatoyant quality of Koa wood inspired Jerry Guire, owner of Hawaii Titanium Rings, to create a Wood Inlay Collection almost 20 years ago; a collection that now has over 40 wood choices. Thousands of rings later, one interesting aspect has been the many reasons why people choose specific wood. Most choices are based on the color or grain texture. Some choose a wood for where the tree grew, and some for the same reasons they would choose a gem.

Often, people choose a wood from their place of birth or youth and each country and state has their chosen tree, usually native to the region. Hawaii is the only exception with its State Tree being the Kukui Nut Tree, from Malaysia, but the most prized and popular wood Hawaiian Island residents and visitors choose is Koa. Recently, client’s requests are more localized like the wood from the tree that blooms in their city streets, or the trees that line their neighborhood, or even from a tree in their yard.

A father recently sent us a piece of Dogwood to make rings for his son who married the girl next door from the tree they swung on as kids. A simple idea became a special gift and heirloom they can pass down for generations to come. What better way to preserve the tree and your memories. We did the same for a couple who sent us a piece of wood from their house that they lost to a tornado; the spirit of their house will live forever and they can carry it with them wherever they go.

Wood possesses not only the beauty to rival Earth’s gemstones but the metaphysical capacity as well. The Celtics have Tree Astrology; like the Zodiac or Birthstone chart, but with trees instead of signs, associating their respected trees with human characteristics and birth dates. The Native American culture believes each tree offers life lessons and gifts in the form of power and wisdom. Tree symbolism has been practiced by many cultures and religions and reflects the meaningful relationship people have shared with trees for centuries.

Whether the wood is chosen for locality, aesthetic, or spiritual belief, it always holds “deep-rooted” significance. Ancient concepts and state-of-the-art technology have merged so that birthstones and power stones can now be paired with “Birthwood” and “Power Wood”. An innovative new facet in the modern jewelry world that has multiplied design options and given precious gems a run for their money.

Written by Shana Stuart

Lightning Ridge Opal — Australia's Beauty

What is the rarest, most valuable Opal and where does it come from?

The answer is Australian Black Opal, not for its blackness but for displaying every color of the spectrum. The gemstone has been described as a tiny live fireworks display exploding in vibrant colors with every turn. It possesses a dazzling array of reflective movement and an intense mix of iridescent luminosity that is unparalleled in any other precious stone.

Over 95% of the World’s Opal comes from Australia and Lightning Ridge is considered the Capital of Black Opal. The mine is an ancient dry river bed, a clay levy surrounded by black soil plains located at the edge of the outback in New South Wales. Besides Black Opal the mines yield fiery colors of Red, Blue, Green, and White Opal like you have never seen. The Aborigines believe Opals appeared when the creator rode a rainbow to Earth and his foot touched the ground which is somewhat contradictory to the fact that Lightning Ridge, Australia was named when passing kangaroo hunters discovered a farmer and his dog along with 600 sheep dead from lightning bolt strikes.

Lightning is not the only danger at the now famous mines which are located 30 feet below ground; many lives have been lost. It is estimated two miners per year are buried alive from collapsing caves. Still the miners risk their lives for Lightning Ridge Opal, some of which is worth more than diamonds. Today, the average price for Black Opal is over $2300 per Carat, but it has gone for as much as $20,000 per Carat for bigger, more exceptional pieces.

The high value of Lightning Ridge Opal has transformed this once desolate area into a thriving town and popular tourist attraction, but in recent years certain problems have surfaced. An increase in crime and the government’s resistance to enforce laws and rehabilitation of abandoned mines has added other elements of danger and caused local farmers to petition for help. The results were new stricter mining regulations and requirements that miners say could collapse the local industry possibly making Black Lightning Ridge Opal the downfall of the town it once created.

Opal has been coveted and fought over since the days of Cleopatra and recently discovered dinosaur bones, found not fossilized, but “Opalized”, indicate that opal has been an object of envy and rivalry for much longer as it is much older than scientists once thought. Only the most exceptional gemstone could generate such long-lived controversy or orchestrate a town’s history from beginning to end. Still, the fact remains that the value of Lightning Ridge Opal will keep the mines open for now, and the extraordinary beauty of this gemstone will keep the demand and the disputes alive forever.

Written by Shana Stuart